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"Agent Web Ranking delivers 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. We have used many other search engine ranking software products and found them all to be wanting in one respect or another. Agent Web Ranking is a fantastic position checker product and the professional and speedy customer service make this a no-brainer for anyone serious about search engine optimisation."

"I decided to try Agent Webranking after experiencing very poor customer service from my previous provider. I am very happy with the service and am now glad I made the move."

"We use the ranking software in all our presentations and it is the main lead generation tool used by my SEO sales team."

"Agent Web Ranking offers the most professional and reliable ranking results for all web sites. The software is simple to use, offering the most powerful results yet and across the widest selection of respected search engines and directories there is."

"With several hundred customers, including many high-profile companies, wanting to ensure that they are as high as possible is a priority to us. Agent Web Ranking is an absolute godsend when it comes to checking where our customers appear on each engine. The sheer speed and ease of use of the system means that our company saves many man hours per week using this product".

"Agent Web Ranking has provided software that out classes its current competitors, providing quick and acurate ranking information. An absollute must for any company involved in website promotion"

"Technical support and expertise from Agent Web Ranking is easily the best I have ever experienced. In addition the ranking software is an invaluable tool for our optimisation work."

"I've been a long time user of Agent Web Ranking and when I'm doing an SEO for a client no other product will do. Agent Web Ranking offers me a host of valid statistics that I use to build reports and maximize my sites potential for the search engines."

"AgentWebRanking software helps us convert interested prospects to long-term s."

"Agent Web Ranking is the most reliable tracking software I've ever seen or used. It's easy to use, and I'm always confident that the search engines rankings reports I send my clients are professional and accurate. Basically it's perfect!"
"Agent Web Ranking is an essential addition to any serious web position strategists arsenal."

"We were very impressed by the quality and functionality offered by Agent Web Ranking and have found it superior to any other search engine ranking software on the web. The support staff are also very friendly and efficient, keep it up!"

"We rely on Agent Web Ranking to deliver high quality and accurate ranking results to our many clients."

"This search engine ranking software makes our job 100% easier and accurate. Well done for including worldwide SEs."

"Agent Web Ranking software is an excellent product which is much more effective than any other ranking software on the market. I have found the Agentwebranking team very helpful and proactive. I would like to congratulate you all for providing me with the tools that enable my clients to have more accurate and detailed reports."

"We have tried many ranking reports and have found Agent Web Ranking to be the most accurate and reliable".

"The latest Agent web ranking product is excellent, the product has evolved in to a very capable tool in the quest for Positioning Statistics. Clients like having the simplicity of the Performance Stats and Ranking Summary reports. The Agent web ranking team have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and customer service."

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PageRank and Backlinks analyzer software by Agent Web Ranking

What is a search engine ranking software ?

A search engine ranking software automatically queries a given number of keywords on a selected set of search engine. The software will then locate your URLs in the retrieved search engine answer pages and calculate their respective ranks or positions. Agent web ranking software generates highly customizable search engine ranking reports. This will help you check not just your website position but also position of your competitors.

Agent Web Ranking features an unlimited number of projects, websites and keywords.

Webmasters, SEO and SEM experts use AgentWebRanking software to check search engine rankings

Whether you have just started a small business or you are a webmaster of a Fortune-500 enterprises, Agent Web Ranking help you checking and tracking your search engine ranking on US, Canadian, Australian, South American and European search engines. Agent Web Ranking customers are small businesses, SEO companies and Fortune-500 enterprises. Check our client SEO list

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Agent Web Ranking software Features:

Emulates manual searches during the ranking process
Agent Web Ranking emulates a manual search through each search engine. It works like if you were manually checking your keywords ranking. Agent Web Ranking automatically and accurately determines a website position on search engine.

Google API
Agent Web Ranking also allows you to check Google ranking through Google Web API. Using the Apis google web requires that each individual has their own license key. So before you start using Google API through Agent Web Ranking software you need to obtain a free license key from Google.

Provides automatic and fast search engine library updates
Each time a search engine modifies the way it displays results our Search Engine Research Center automatically receives information about it and we update Agent Web Ranking search engine library. So we do not need users to report bugs to update and new library is automatically downloaded on your computer.
Agent Web Ranking is the only ranking software to guarantee "search engine library" updates within 72 hours maximum (usually within few hours). This allows you to produce reliable web ranking report and accurate website ranking reports. Search engine frequently change their appearance. This will cause Agent Web Ranking or any other ranking software to produce erroneous analyzes.

Multi-lingual rankings reports
Provide rankings reports in English, French, Dutch, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

Provide customized search engine ranking report
Send high quality ranking reports (.htm .csv ...) with your company logo and name.

Compare ranking performance between dates

Supports major international and European search engine
Agent Web Ranking includes more than 250 international and European search engine. Search engine listing includes major search engine from the United States, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

PPC listings
Agent Web Ranking also includes PPC ranking from Google, Overture, Espotting, Mirago…

Keyword Generators
Agent Web Ranking includes direct link to Espotting, Overture and Google keyword generator. You can select English, French, German, Italian, Deutsch, Dutch… keyword generator.

Google Dance tool
The term " Google Dance " describes the index update of Google search engine. The progression of a Google Dance could be watched by querying Google data centers. Agent Web Ranking let you check out what is happening with your website rank in Google data centers.

Manual URL submission to search engine
To help our customers manually submit their websites to search engines, we have included with Agent Web Ranking software direct links ( shortcuts ) to the submission pages of search engines.

Cobranding software for SEO
Agent Web Ranking recognizes that your SEO brand name and your customer relationships are precious. Cobranded software gives your customers all the benefits of our software in the "look and feel" of your site. In essence, Agent Web Ranking becomes a seamless part of your customer experience - enhancing your brand equity and strengthening your customer relationships.

High quality Software since 1998
It is the world's leading search engine ranking software designed for search engine optimization expert.

Software Support
High quality support. Agent Web Ranking team answer your email questions promptly and accurately within 24 hours, monday through friday. They are happy to talk with you via chat (private one-on-one chat), by phone or by email.

Windows & MAC (virtual PC) Ranking software
To run Agent Web Ranking Professional or Business Edition you need:
. Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP
. Mac OS X users can use Agent Web Ranking through Virtual PC 7 for Mac